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Experience Profile

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A privately held real estate company focused on Condo-Conversions.   During the 18 month engagement, the company grew from $150M to 1.2B in revenues.

​Developed comprehensive system for management of Montecito's enterprise wide processes.  The system provided customer, sales, mortgage and property management.  The system was largely responsible for landmark achievements in the industry including the company's growth, property sell-outs and time-to-close metrics.

Campaign and Customer Management System

As an enhancement to MPC-Ware, developed proprietary method of tracking all advertising and marketing campaigns.  The system further enabled customer reverse look-up integration which allowed call center and sales agents to offer tailored information to the customer based on customer profile information.

​Event Management System

​Designed and developed an event management system which enabled prospective buyers to "check-in" for the company's sales event via and online system, reserving their selection position and eliminating onsite check-in lines.  

​Event Display System

​Developed onsite informational display system which eliminated paper-based system and aided in management of customer condo selection order, unit availability and real-time pricing updates.

Employee Onboarding & Training Program

​In support of property resource needs, developed onboarding program for property management teams.  Program involved complete training video, recruiting program, and on-the-job training/mentors.   The effort enabled new properties to be fully staffed within 5 days of acquisition.