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Experience Profile

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​ ​Nation's largest Remodeling company completing over 500 projects annually.
​Packaged Company for Private Equity Sale​Developed and lead strategy to maximize the company valuation in preparation for a sale to a private equity company.   Increased valuation from baseline value of $9.2M to a value at sale of $26.8M over an 18 month period.  The strategy involved multiple concurrent initiatives as identified below.

​Lead design and implementaiton of a comprehensive system to manage clients from lead through warranty.   System enabled automated customer sales and project workflow.  The solution enabled enterprisewide management, monitoring, and reporting for resource management, schedule management, task management, document management, performance management, and customer management.   The solution enabled company growth to new markets and growth from $35M to over $55M over in the 18 month period following implementation.

​​Revenue Acceleration Process​Redesigned accounting practices to align take advantage of the modified processes and available data. 
​Airoom University

​Developed a comprehensive onboarding and training program for Airoom's architects, construction management, sales, marketing, purchasing, and design teams,  The program incorporated both classroom and hands-on experiences in educating participants in the use of Airoom systems and processes.   The program served as a critical component in enabling the corporate change management program and was cited as a significant contributor to the valuation at the time of Private Equity acquisition.


Lead effort to rebrand the business to better reflect the company's value proposition.   The comprehensive  rebranding effort included a new logo, improved marketing message, and introduction of a trademarked project management system (enabled by the AFD system implementation) to assure guaranteed finish date.  The overall effort concluded with the publishing of a coffee-table book "Smart Home Design" which highlighted the company's projects and processes.